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1 year after the release of the blockbuster ‘Kantara’, Rishab Shetty revealed the secret of his success, said- ‘It gave me better opportunities’ Ibomma

New Delhi. South Industry’s talented actor Rishabh Shetty has struggled a lot. After a long struggle, when he appeared in the film ‘Kantara’ in 2022, he dominated the screen. After this film, there were many changes in the actor’s life. Now he has expressed his views on the success of this film.

Rishab Shetty is known as a very talented actor in Indian cinema. He has made such a tremendous impact on the audience with his film ‘Kantara’ that he is not only an actor but also a writer and director. His creativity has created a masterpiece that not only tells a great story but has also left its mark on the global stage.

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Rishabh told the secret of success
In a recent interview, Rishab Shetty said, ‘Every success comes with responsibility, and it has both positive and negative aspects attached to it. Although my life is still the same as before. But the success of Kantara has definitely brought some changes. It has given me better opportunities to work, time as well as better space for creativity. Also, the trust and support of the producers has changed a lot.

Ignore the negative things
Putting his point forward, Rishabh said that I ignore the negative things, but choose only the positive things from success, sharing his experience so far, he says, ‘I had never worked on such a large scale. Also, I had not worked as an AD either. The story, screenplay and the entire rating part of Kantara Chapter 1 is a challenge in itself. This scale is big not only in terms of the film but also in terms of the story and the character I am playing.’

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Let us tell you that while revealing about ‘Kantara Chapter 1’, Rishabh said, ‘It is difficult to say as of now how many schedules will be required to make Kantara, but considering the amount of work and the scale on which it is being made, it can be said that it will take six to seven schedules.

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