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Mala Sinha Struggle Story: Everyone in this world has some or the other shortcoming but everyone dreams. Every person sets some goal in his life which he tries his best to achieve and Bengali actress Mala Sinha also had a similar dream. But before entering the film industry, she had to struggle a lot.

Mala Sinha ruled Hindi cinema for almost 40 years and did more than 100 films. Her characters, films, everything is memorable. Mala Sinha may be away from the industry today but she is one of the veteran actresses of Hindi cinema. Her luck shone so brightly that people became crazy about the reason for which she had been rejected.

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Who is Mala Sinha?

Mala Sinha was born on 11 November 1936 in Kolkata in a Christian Nepali family. Mala Sinha’s family is originally from West Bengal but after the partition her family settled in Nepal. Mala Sinha married Nepali actor Chidambaram Prasad Lohani in 1968.

Have you ever seen your face?' This actress got rejected after hearing this, but she did not accept defeat and became a star, know who she is

From whom she had a daughter Pratibha Sinha who did some Bollywood films but they flopped. Mala Sinha has worked a lot in Bengali films and everyone was crazy about her beauty. Mala Sinha felt that she could become a heroine in Hindi films and with this dream she came to Mumbai with her daughter.

Mala Sinha’s struggle and first film

Despite being famous in Bengali films, Mala Sinha had to struggle a lot after coming to Mumbai. Mala Sinha had told in one of her interviews that in the early days a producer had made fun of her looks. According to Times Now, without naming anyone, Mala Sinha said that a producer said to her, ‘Have you ever seen your face in the mirror?

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Have you ever seen your face?' This actress got rejected after hearing this, but she did not accept defeat and became a star, know who she is

With such an ugly nose, you should give up your dream of becoming a heroine.’ After all this, Mala Sinha cried a lot, she felt bad too but she did not give up. After a lot of running around and auditioning, Mala Sinha got the film Badshah (1954) but the film flopped. Mala Sinha got recognition from the film Dhool Ka Phool which was released in 1959.

Mala Sinha’s films and legacy

After one hit, Mala Sinha started getting back to back films. She has worked as a lead actress in superhit films like ‘Pyaasa’, ‘Geet’, ‘Himalay Ki God Mein’, ‘Aankhen’, ‘Anpadh’, ‘Dil Tera Deewana’, ‘Dhool Ke Phool’, ‘De Kaliyan’, ‘Mere Huzoor’, ‘Sanjog’, ‘Parvarish’, ‘Ujala’. Mala Sinha has worked with many big stars and names of superstars include Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor, Jeetendra, Rajkumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Manoj Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar.

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