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After the slapping incident, Kritika left her husband and sat with Vishal, Armaan got very angry and said…., TV News Ibomma

After the slapping incident in ‘Bigg Boss OTT-3’, there has been a distance between Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey. Vishal is avoiding sitting at the places where Armaan is sitting. Not only this, he is also repeatedly clarifying his comments on Kritika Malik in front of the camera. Meanwhile, Armaan and Kritika got into a fight because of Vishal. Actually, before starting the nomination task, Bigg Boss had called everyone to the living area. Armaan was sitting in one corner of the sofa. Vishal was towards the other corner. When Kritika came on Bigg Boss’s call, she went and sat next to Vishal.

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Arman gets angry at Kritika

Armaan got angry at Kritika. Armaan said, “Come here now. Have your eyes still not opened?” Kritika said laughing, “They have opened. Your eyes have opened.” After this Kritika got up and sat beside Armaan. Armaan said, “I feel that your eyes are still blindfolded. I will have to get a pair of glasses made for you.” Kritika said, “Friend, your eyes have opened. There was space there so I sat next to Shivani.”

Arman said- I feel like this…

Armaan said, ‘I saw it so I went there, I did not know so I did this…I feel as if I did not come with you.’ Kritika said, ‘Golin there was no place here so I sat there.’ Armaan said, ‘It’s okay. I feel as if I did not come with you.’ Kritika then said, ‘Sana was sitting next to you. I could not see the place so I sat next to Shivani.’ Armaan said, ‘Enough now…I can see it.’

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