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Anuj will meet Ba-Bapuji in the old age home, Vanraj Shah will be shocked, TV News Ibomma

Anupama 9 July 2024 Written Update: In the 9th July 2024 episode of Anupama serial, you will see that Bapuji will lie to the children on the phone that he has gone for a pilgrimage. However, it will not take long for Anupama to understand that Bapuji is lying. She will repeatedly say that you come back but Bapuji will avoid the matter and disconnect the phone. While Vanraj Shah will breathe a sigh of relief that Bapuji and Ba have gone on Char Dham Yatra, Anupama will set out in search of Ba and Bapuji without delay. Near the temple, she will find Ba’s umbrella and will also meet a friend of Bapuji who will tell that we are going to go for Char Dham Yatra next month.

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Dimple will also ask for her share in the property

Anupama’s doubt will be confirmed that Bapuji has lied. Here Anupama will be searching for Bapuji and there in Shah Niwas, Dimple will hear Vanraj Shah and the children talking about selling the house. She will ask for her share from Vanraj Shah and say that she does not want anything for herself but Ansh should get Samar’s share. Pakhi and Toshu will get angry on this and Vanraj Shah will also blame Tapish for Dimple asking for her share. He will say that all this is Tapish’s doing and he is the one who is provoking Dimple.

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Adhya is adamant on going to America

Here the builder will be pressuring Vanraj Shah to sign the NOC as soon as possible and here he will be worried that Anupama is not signing the papers. Aadhya will ask her father to go to America and then Anuj will explain to her that it will not be right for her to travel due to her illness. On this, Aadhya will talk rudely to her father Anuj and will say that why don’t you say that you do not want to leave Anupama. Anuj will ask his daughter to keep calm and in the meantime he will get a call from someone.

Leaving home, Ba-Bapuji made his abode here

Anuj will come to know that Baa and Bapuji are living in an old age home. He will reach that old age home with Vanraj Shah and Anupama will already be present there. At first Vanraj will not be ready to believe that his parents are in this old age home, but when he goes inside and sees Baa-Bapuji himself, he will be shocked. He will ask his parents why did you come here? What mistake did I make? Anupama will also ask him to go back. Then Bapuji will say that for us that house is a temple and for you a property in exchange for which you are going to get a penthouse.

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