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Anupamaa serial spoiler: Aadhya threatens to commit suicide; Anu leaves Anuj forever and promises to never return Ibomma

Anupama Spoiler Alert: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer TV serial ‘Anupama’ is in the news these days. The show has been a topper in TRP and is getting a great response from the audience. In the recent episodes, we saw that Anuj broke his marriage with Shruti as he came to know that he was responsible for disrespecting Anu. Aadhya gets upset after knowing this but does not want to lose Shruti. She asks Anuj to get back with Shruti as she hates Anu.

Aadhya threatens to commit suicide

However, Anuj now wants Anu back in his life. But Anu feels guilty for ruining Anuj, Aadhya and Shruti’s lives. We saw that Anu decides not to return to the US as she only wants Aadhya’s happiness. In the recent episodes, we also saw how Anuj-Aadhya were supposed to return but Aadhya falls ill and is brought back to Shah House. The doctor advises them not to travel and Anuj is happy as he wants to convince Anu to come back to his life.

Will Anu leave Anuj forever?

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Anu tells Anuj that her daughter hates her and hence she cannot return. Bapuji and Baa leave Shah house and move to an old age home. Vanraj tries to convince them to return. Vanraj asks Anu to sign the NOC papers but she refuses as she wants Baa and Bapuji back in Shah house. However, we see some argument between her and Vanraj and Anuj supports Anu.

There will be a new tamasha in the latest episode of the show

Aadhya gets angry seeing Anuj taking a stand for Anu. In the upcoming episode of Rajan Shahi’s TV show ‘Anupamaa’, we will see that Aadhya gets upset and asks Anu to leave Anuj forever. She will ask Anu if she can do something for her and Anuj and then she should go away from their lives forever and never come back. Aadhya will also threaten to kill herself if Anu does not leave Anuj. Anu agrees to this and decides to leave forever and never come back to Anuj’s life.

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