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Arman is exposed to the real face of Fufa-sa, the whole family will leave Dadi-sa alone and go to Abhira, TV News Ibomma

Episode 09 of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: Armaan pleads in front of Abhira. Along with Armaan, Abhira also starts crying and then Krish arrives. Krish gives a parcel to Armaan and leaves from there. Armaan is surprised to see the parcel. Actually, in that parcel there are Abhira and Armaan’s divorce papers on which it is written that their divorce is still pending in the court, meaning both are still husband and wife.

Before Armaan can say anything, Madhav and Vidya arrive. Madhav tells Armaan and Abhira about Fufa-sa’s trick. Not only this, Madhav also tells that he had an accident while he was bringing these papers and Sanjay knew about this. Vidya is shocked. Armaan gets furious. He goes to teach Fufa-sa a lesson and tell Dadi-sa about his deeds. However, Madhav does not let this happen.

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Madhav explains to Armaan that it is important for him to talk to Abhira at this time. Armaan calms down, he kisses Abhira on the forehead and gives her time to think. Abhira goes to her room. Meanwhile, Armaan starts helping Vidya in the kitchen. On one hand, Vidya explains to Armaan. On the other hand, the entire Pauddar family tries to go to Abhira by hiding from Dadi-sa. However, Dadi-sa sees them.

Dadi Sa asks everyone where they are going. Everyone makes some excuse to meet Madhav and then goes to Abhira. They start pressuring Abhira to marry Armaan. In such a situation, Madhav gets angry and explains to everyone.

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