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Bade Papa will get angry at Abhira, Armaan will say to Akshara’s daughter- why are you hugging me friend…, TV News Ibomma

In the upcoming episodes of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, Abhira will cry a lot. Actually, when Abhira will decide to fight a case against Ruhi and will refuse to settle outside the court, Bade Papa will get angry. Bade Papa will scold Abhira a lot. He will tell Abhira, ‘Till now I was living thinking that you are mine, but you are not mine. I only have Ruhi.’ Hearing this from Bade Papa, Abhira will get emotional. Tears will start falling from her eyes. In such a situation, Armaan will come to Abhira.

Armaan will tell Abhira, ‘Who is Parnaanu? How is Parnaanu? He has clearly told you that he only has Ruhi and you are nobody to him, then why are you hugging him? Your only family was your mother and you were his. Apart from him, you have no other family…and now I am your family.’ After this, Armaan will wipe Abhira’s tears.

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After returning from the police station, Armaan will take care of Abhira. Both of them will sit together and prepare for the case. While preparing, Abhira will feel hungry and she will go to make noodles. Armaan will ask Abhira to make noodles for him too. When Abhira will bring noodles, Armaan will feed Abhira with his own hands. Abhira will be impressed by this act of Armaan and then both of them will fall asleep there while preparing.

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