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Daadi will start crying after hugging Armaan, Khadusman will give a special gift to Akshara on their anniversary, TV News Ibomma

Today’s episode of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: Armaan feels very hungry. He goes to Poddar House to eat. He first calls his mother, then he remembers that his mother now lives in a penthouse. So he calls Manisha. However, instead of Manisha, Dadi-sa comes out of her room. Dadi-sa understands that Armaan is hungry. She brings food for Armaan and feeds him with her own hands.

Armaan talks to Dadi-sa while eating. He tells Dadi-sa that he is still the same Armaan who was ready to sacrifice his life for her. Dadi-sa starts crying after hearing Armaan’s words and hugs him. When Dadi-sa hugs Armaan, Armaan says, the only difference is Dadi-sa… earlier I used to be ready to sacrifice my life for you and now I am ready to sacrifice my life for you as well as Abhira. Dadi-sa’s face turns pale.

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After talking to Dadi-sa, Armaan brings a gift for Abhira. Abhira initially refuses to accept the gift, but when she sees that Armaan has gifted her a photo of her mother, she becomes happy. She calls Armaan Khadoosman after a long time. Armaan becomes happy and both of them hug each other.

While Abhira is spending quality time with Armaan, she gets a call from Kaki. Meanwhile, Armaan gets a call from Ruhi. Both of them reach the police station and listen to their respective clients’ side. Armaan talks to Abhira and asks her to settle the case outside the court, but Abhira doesn’t agree. Armaan gets angry and decides to fight the case in court. When Chachi-sa and Vidya come to know about this, they make Armaan understand that he has to be patient and keep his professional life separate from his personal life.

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