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Dadi Saa will scare Abhira with Ruhi’s name, Akshara’s daughter’s tongue will start faltering in the court, TV News Ibomma

Today’s episode of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: The gate of Pauddar House is locked. Abhira tries to jump over the gate and come inside. Dadi-sa sees Abhira and provokes her by taking Ruhi’s name. She says that Armaan is stuck between Abhira and Ruhi. Who knows, he might go to Ruhi now? Abhira does not reply to Dadi-sa. Dadi-sa says her piece and goes inside. After Dadi-sa leaves, Armaan comes. Armaan teases Abhira a lot and then both of them sit together and eat noodles.

After eating noodles, Armaan and Abhira start working and fall asleep while working. The next day, the entire Pauddar family is shocked to see Abhira and Armaan sleeping together. Dadi Sa gets furious. Dadi Sa calls out to Armaan, but Armaan does not wake up. In such a situation, Dadi Sa calls out Armaan’s name three-four times. Armaan opens his eyes and is shocked to see everyone standing in front of him.

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Armaan and Abhira quickly get ready and reach the court. Armaan argues in Ruhi’s favour. When Abhira’s turn comes, she gets scared. She starts remembering her first day and her tongue starts faltering. The judge decides to hold the hearing of the case after lunch. During lunch, Ruhi goes to Armaan. Bade Papa goes to Abhira. Bade Papa scolds Abhira a lot. Armaan listens to Bade Papa and Abhira. Instead of saying anything to Bade Papa, he consoles Abhira and taunts Bade Papa in between conversations.

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