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Devolina Bhattacharjee spoke on the news of pregnancy, I tell all these things to my husband… Ibomma

Devolina Bhattacharjee is very active on social media. Recently, there were rumors of her pregnancy. On this, she wrote a message for the people who spread such rumors that they should not interfere in her personal life. Now, during an interview, Devolina has talked about this again. She says that such rumors on personal life do not have much effect on her and her husband Shahnawaz’s life.

There isn’t a trouble

Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who has earned a name for herself as the most submissive Gopi Bahu on the small screen, knows how to give a befitting reply to social media trolls. She also raises her voice on many issues on Twitter and Instagram. Now in a conversation with News 18, she talked about the rumors flying around about her personal life. Devoleena said, no no, it never bothers me. I never let it reach this extent. I end it before it reaches my husband or family.

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She said- I get angry

Devoleena admitted that the use of social media has increased so much that people write whatever they want. She requested people not to call or message her to know about her personal life. Devo said, if you talk about fans or people like that, they write anything. They write things to judge or troll you. I get angry when people call to know the truth of these rumours. This is my personal life. When I feel like it, I will tell you. Do not disturb me and do not worry about it. Everything has its own time. There are many rumours about me which I laugh at. I was shocked. We cannot do anything about it.

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