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Did Emraan Hashmi take a dig at Gangster co-star Kangana Ranaut? Know what he said on the awards Ibomma

Emraan Hashmi has given many entertaining films to Hindi cinema. He believes that award shows have lost their value. He has no interest in awards at all. Meanwhile, his co-star Kangana Ranaut, who has received many awards, was also mentioned. Emraan said that his relationship with Kangana is good but he has not met her for a long time. When the discussion of awards started, Emraan said something which some people are considering as a taunt on Kangana.

Did Imran take a dig?

Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut have worked together in many films. Emraan was talking to Shubhankar Mishra. Kangana was also discussed there. Emraan was reminded that Kangana had received all the awards for the film Gangster. Later, Kangana started criticizing the award shows. Emraan Hashmi said on this, because they stopped happening after that? I remember, I also got it once but I understood the game behind it. This is the deal. You go there and dance.

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Dancing is not a good idea to decorate your living room

I am not rejecting awards but if someone wants to decorate their living room by dancing then it is great. But I cannot pat myself on the back saying that I gave a good performance because that would be a lie. If you have done well then you should win. If you have just made a deal then what is the use of winning?

How are your relations with Kangana?

Imran said that the value of these awards has decreased year after year. On how his relationship with Kangana is, Imran said, good, cordial. I like her a lot, she likes me a lot. Unfortunately we have not met for a long time. We worked together in the film Dharma in 2015. We have not met since then. We have done many films together, so our tuning is special?

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