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Did his friendship with Elvish Yadav end after Lavkesh went to the show, he said- I think Kataria…, TV News Ibomma

One of the most talked about contestants of Bigg Boss OTT 3 is Lovkesh Kataria. Lovkesh is a friend of Elvish Yadav. Everyone knows that when Elvish came in Bigg Boss OTT 2, Lovkesh put his heart and soul into making him the winner. At the same time, Elvish also sends messages in support of Lovkesh, but not that much, so many people are questioning him why he is not supporting Lovkesh, is there a fight going on between the two and why he is not going to Weekend Ka Vaar for him.

I am supporting

Elvish now said in his vlog, ‘Many people are messaging me that you are not supporting Kataria. Go to the weekend war. How can I go, it is not my show. That is not in my hands and as far as support is concerned, I am supporting through voting. Everything is fine between us.’

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Want to throw Kataria out

Elvish further says that as I am watching the show I feel that these people want to throw Kataria out.

spoke about Arman

Regarding Armaan, Elvish said that Armaan bhai is so hypocritical. Kataria saved him but he turned back. I would like to tell Armaan bhai that the work he has done (2 marriages) is wrong. But I am not saying that if you are wrong then you will not speak on the mistakes of others. The reason why Lavkesh was tied up was a task, but he should not have been kept for so long.

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