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Film with Rajkumar, ‘No, absolutely not’, when Rajinikanth started sweating on hearing the name of the ‘arrogant’ actor! Ibomma

New Delhi. The famous late actor of the past, Rajkumar, was quite famous for his imposing style. People used to become his fans after seeing his excellent acting and his style. Whoever knew Rajkumar closely, got to know his working style. Because, his specialty was that he used to do films very thoughtfully and due to his nature, other stars used to avoid working with him. Due to his imposing nature, many actors used to fold their hands from a distance. A similar incident was also seen during the release of the film ‘Tiranga’ in the year 1993.

‘Tiranga’ released in theatres on 29 January 1993 and Nana Patekar and Rajkumar’s acting was highly appreciated. People liked a song from the film ‘Peele-Peele O More Jaani’ a lot. The pairing of the two was a huge hit with this song. But, very few people would know that Nana Patekar was not the first choice of the makers opposite Rajkumar for this film.

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The makers wanted to pair Rajinikanth with Rajkumar
Film producer Mehul Kumar talked about this film on the Friday Talkies YouTube channel. He told that the film demanded two heroes. Rajkumar’s name was finalized for the role of ‘Brigadier Suryadev Singh’. But now no other star was ready to do the film. He told that his first choice for the role of ‘Inspector Shivajirao Waghle’ was Rajinikanth. But, he flatly refused to do the film.

Not Nana, these two actors were the makers’ choice
Mehul told that the director had gone to Madras to narrate the script of the film. But, the situation was such that Thalaiva expressed his inability to work with Rajkumar. He clearly said that I cannot do a film with Rajkumar. After this, the makers knocked on the door of Naseeruddin Shah. But he also expressed problem in working with Raj Kumar. Then came Nana Patekar’s turn.

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Nana kept a special condition for the film
He refused at first sight saying that he does not do commercial films. However, later the director somehow convinced him. After Nana was finalised, the director called Raj sahab and told him that he has finalised Nana for the role of Wagle. On hearing Nana’s name, Rajkumar said to the director, ‘Hey Mehul! He is very naughty. I have heard that he abuses and fights on the set.’

When the director cleared Rajkumar’s misunderstanding
Later, the director cleared Rajkumar’s misunderstanding and said that Nana has signed the film on only one condition. He has said that if Raj sahab interferes on the set, then he will leave the set. Hearing these words of the director, Raj sahab was consoled and told to proceed with the film. Mehul says that the friendship between the two happened during the shooting of the song ‘Peele-Peele O Mori Jaani’. After this, the film was completed and released in six months and became a superhit.

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Rajinikanth regretted watching the film
When ‘Tiranga’ was ready, a special premiere was arranged for Rajinikanth. When he saw the film, he was very happy and he liked it very much. After this, he also regretted not working in it. Thalaiva also gave a shocking reaction that Nana Patekar’s name in it was based on his name, which was Shivaji Rao. The actor said that now he is missing working in it a lot.

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