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From ‘Tom and Jerry’ to ‘Ben 10’, these 7 Cartoon Network series ruled the hearts and minds of 90s kids Ibomma

Tom and Jerry, Ben Ten- India TV Hindi

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‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Ben 10’

Cartoon Network, the leading 24-hour animation channel since its launch on October 1, 1992, is at the center of controversy today, as #RIPCartoonNetwork is trending on X (formerly Twitter). The uproar began with a statement from Animation Workers Ignited, which said that “Cartoon Network is effectively over”. Citing industry-wide cuts affecting animation studios, the news has shocked cartoon enthusiasts and viewers, with no official response from the channel’s producers yet. In such a situation, it is not yet clear whether the channel will close or continue. In the meantime, we have brought to you many such cartoon series that used to come on Cartoon Network.

tom and jerry

Arguably one of the most-watched American cartoon shows, ‘Tom and Jerry’ revolves around a domestic cat named Tom, who sets out on his adventure to continue his never-ending quest to catch a mouse named Jerry.

ben 10

Originally airing in 2005, the Ben 10 series has become Cartoon Network’s longest-running franchise, with five different editions released over the past 15 years.

Power Puff Girls

This Cartoon Network classic, which debuted in 1998, was about three sisters who have superpowers created in a lab by their scientist father and spend their free time fighting crime in Townsville.

Scooby Doo

Cartoon Network became the home to several Scooby-Doo! shows, but Mystery Incorporated was the only one the network premiered that was well received.

Dexter’s Laboratory

The ’90s cartoon centered on Dexter, a child scientist and inventor with a gibberish accent whose missions were constantly thwarted by his annoying (but lovable) sister Dee Dee and his archenemy, Mandark (a nerd obsessed with Dee Dee).

The Looney Tunes Show

In this show, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are roommates who do various pranks on their colorful neighbors. Their new pranks are seen in every new episode. Many characters are also shown in every episode.

johnny bravo

The show made an impression on its viewers when it first aired in 1996. The series featured its namesake Johnny Bravo, a teenage boy inspired by Elvis who had big blonde hair and wore black sunglasses, a tight-fitting black T-shirt to show off his muscles, and blue jeans

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