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Guru Dutt Birth Anniversary: ‘No one comes to this world to stay forever…no one leaves like you did’. This poem by famous poet Kaifi Azmi was dedicated to the late actor Guru Dutt sahab. It is true that the way Guru Dutt left this world was a big shock for everyone.

Guru Dutt sahab was not only a great actor but also a director. He earned a lot of fame in his time. He gained a lot of popularity at a young age. But his departure from the world very soon left a big shock for the fans. Guru Dutt was born on 9 July 1925 in Padukone, Karnataka. Let us tell you some special things related to Guru Dutt’s life.

great movies of guru dutt

'Send your daughter or else you will die', story of Guru Dutt's last night

Apart from being an actor and director, Guru Dutt was also a writer and film producer. In his short career, he gave many great films including ‘Jaal’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. 55’, ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam’, ‘Baaz’, ‘Kagaz Ke Phool’, and ‘Pyaasa’.

He was married to Geeta Dutt

Guru Dutt met Geeta Dutt in connection with a film. The conversation between the two increased and later they got married. Guru and Geeta got married in 1953. But later Guru Dutt sahab fell in love with a veteran Bollywood actress.

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Had an affair with Waheeda Rehman

Despite being married, Guru Dutt had fallen in love with famous actress Waheeda Rehman. Geeta had also got a hint of this. Often there was a rift between Guru Dutt and Geeta Dutt regarding this matter. In such a situation, both of them parted ways and started living separately in the year 1957. But both of them did not get divorced. Guru and Geeta had three children. Whose names are Tarun Dutt, Neena Dutt and Arun Dutt. Both the sons of Guru Dutt are no longer in this world.

What happened to Guru Dutt last night?

Guru Dutt sahab said goodbye to this world very early. On 10 October 1964, Guru Dutt left this world at the age of just 39. He committed suicide. What happened on his last night? This has been mentioned by Guru Dutt’s friend and writer of many of his films, Abrar Alvi, in his book ‘Ten Years with Guru Dutt’.

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Guru Dutt was drunk the day before he committed suicide. Guru Dutt’s personal life was also not going well in those days. He was depressed. He was living separately from his wife and Geeta did not even let Guru Dutt meet her daughter. Once Guru Dutt and Geeta Dutt had a fight over the phone. Then Guru Dutt angrily told Geeta, ‘If I do not see my daughter’s face, you will see my dead body.’

'Send your daughter or else you will die', story of Guru Dutt's last night

Narrating the story just before his death, Abrar has written in his book that, ‘No matter how much intoxicated Guru Dutt was, he never lost control. He expressed his desire to drink one more peg and did not eat. All this happened at one o’clock in the night. I tried to talk to him but he said that he wanted to sleep. I asked him – but will you not see my writing, scenes? Often after finishing the writing, Guru Dutt used to ask me about it, but that day he refused and went to his room.’

I asked for whiskey at 3 am

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Even in the last few hours of his life, Guru Dutt did not give up drinking. At three in the night, he asked his assistant Ratan about Abrar. Ratan said that he had left. Should I call him? Guru Dutt refused. After this, Guru Dutt asked for whiskey. But Ratan said that there was no whiskey. However, Guru Dutt agreed only after taking whiskey. After this, he went to his room.

Then Guru Dutt committed suicide

Guru Dutt slept for the last time that night. He did not wake up again. Guru Dutt was taken out by breaking the door of the room. When Abrar reached Guru Dutt’s house in the morning, he saw a bottle. Abrar then said that, it was not death but suicide, he killed himself. Kaifi Azmi had also written this line in his poem, ‘You had a complaint with the barkeeper, you had a complaint with the bar, now no one quenches thirst even with poison’.

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