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Hiramandi actor Jason Shah was addicted to sex, said- it was very difficult to get rid of it then… Ibomma

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Heeramandi’ actor Jason Shah has recently spoken openly about sex addiction. The actor says that he was also addicted to alcohol and smoking, but his addiction to sex was very high. A few years ago, he realized this addiction and then after becoming religious, he was able to quit it. Talking to YouTube channel ‘Shardulogy’, the actor also talked about his addiction to alcohol. He also said, ‘I used to smoke a lot. I used to finish two and a half packets a day. I can say that I was also addicted to women.’

had a sex addiction

Jason Shah said, ‘It was a sex addiction, which was very difficult for me. For me, giving up this addiction was the biggest thing.’ At the same time, when the actor was asked how he got rid of this addiction, he replied that God is very good and his grace is enough for me that his love overpowered everything. The actor said that it was not at all easy to come out of this addiction, because you cannot even share it with anyone.

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He said, ‘It is not easy, it is difficult, because for this you have to say no. It seems that if you are feeling good then do it, but I realized that this is the worst advice that you can give to someone. If I talk about my life, then I would say that my worst decisions were taken when I felt good. Now I say that if you are feeling good then definitely think about it.’

When did you feel the addiction?

When did Jason realize that he was addicted to sex, he said that on New Year’s Eve of 2021. I was at my friend’s house and saw the girl leaving as usual. I felt very bad for hurting her. I felt very bad and guilty at that time. It was only after this that my religious journey started. I realized that there are many other things in life and this brought about a change. Along with this, the actor also talked about his current relationship. He told that both of them have decided that they will not have sex until they get married.

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Now this rule has been made

The actor said, ‘Now there will be no pre-marital sex or such things. This decision has been taken so that she does not get emotionally involved. Whenever you have a sexual relationship with any girl, both of you get emotionally involved and after that logic has no meaning. Your entire relationship now becomes based on emotions and as I said, emotions are very dangerous.

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