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‘If there was a girl in this place then…’, Vishal Pandey’s friend gets angry at Anil Kapoor, TV News Ibomma

TV actress Sameeksha Sud, who has been a part of shows like ‘Dolly Armaanon Ki’ and ‘Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi’, has a long-standing friendship with Vishal Pandey. Both are good friends and have been making reels together for many years. When she was asked what she has to say about Vishal Pandey being slapped not once but twice in the Bigg Boss house, Sameeksha said that as things are happening, I am getting to know new things. Were there two slaps? Both were slapped by Armaan? Why was he cut then? Sameeksha said that if there was a girl in Vishal’s place, then even 10% of this would have shaken the entire Bigg Boss.

‘If there was a girl in this place…’

Sameeksha said, “I am so sad to hear all this and we are not even questioning his character. To what extent can someone stoop that his character is questioned and we have to prove that he is right. Even when he has not done anything wrong. It is very sad. He is a boy and that is why this is happening to him. If there was a girl in this place and even 10 percent of this had happened, then this Bigg Boss would have been completely shaken. He is a huge boy and that is why I feel that it is being a bit unbiased.”

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“We have stayed up all night together but”

The actress while sharing her experience with Vishal Pandey said that I have made many videos with him. We used to make romantic videos from all over the world, we have stayed awake all night together. Many times we have fallen asleep so tired that we don’t even know. Any girl can trust him blindly. He is such a boy. He is a diamond. I feel bad that we are asking this question again and again. Don’t do it friend.. he is not that kind of a boy. We… he has done one small thing that he has praised someone.

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‘Anil Kapoor is telling him fifty times’

Sameeksha also objected to what is happening in the Bigg Boss house and said, “Anil Kapoor sir is telling her fifty times that you did wrong, you did wrong. So many people are sitting on her head. In such a situation, even if someone is right, he will think what happened. Right now he knows deep inside that he is right. But he is not getting the support of the people. I cannot say anything about the players because they do not know at all. They have not been told that, the information that Payal has given is not correct at all. So even people are not supporting her. So I just feel that it should not affect her mental health.”

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‘…then take out Armaan first of all’

Targeting Armaan, Sameeksha said, “First of all, throw Armaan out. This is the same thing as stealing and bragging. First he did wrong, and on top of that, by not throwing him out, you are committing more mistakes. Because first he did wrong and on top of that the same person is roaming around in front of him and doing all these things. So, obviously, he will break down. So, throw Armaan out first of all.” For Armaan, Sameeksha said that if you have to protect him so much, then you should stay at home. Make vlogs while staying at home, because if you come out of the house, people will judge you and talk.

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