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Kangana Ranaut Alia Bhatt Taapsee Pannu Actresses Reacted on Menstrual Leave Smriti Kalra Called Nonsense Thing Ibomma

Actress Reactions On Menstrual Leave: Women have to face a lot of problems during their periods. In such a situation, a petition was also filed last year in which the Supreme Court was asked to provide menstrual leave to women in schools and offices. In such a situation, many actresses also gave their opinion on this matter and told whether according to them period leave is necessary or not.

Alia Bhatt
Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt had talked about period leave. She had said- Are we really saying that we cannot allow women to take leave or work from home for that one day? In my opinion, gritting our teeth and tolerating it, fighting our biology so that we can say that we are as good as people has changed with time. We are equal, but not the same.


Taapsee Pannu
Actress Taapsee Pannu has also given her opinion on period leave. Once during a video campaign of ‘What Ifs’, the actress had said, ‘If only stereotypes were banned and our era was not banned, if carrying pads openly and not rashes were a cause for concern. I wish getting period leave was common and saying that it is only for two days was not common, I wish it was common to just say that I am going through my periods, not say that I am down or I am resting.

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Kangana Ranaut
Actress turned MP Kangana Ranaut also spoke openly on period leave. She said in a post- Working women is a myth, there has not been a single non-working woman in India. From farming to household chores and raising children, women have been working and their family or community or nation has never come in the way of their commitment. Unless there is a specific medical condition, women do not need paid leave during periods. Please understand that these are periods, not any disease or handicap.

Should we get leave during periods or not? From Alia Bhatt to Kangana Ranaut, actresses gave such reactions

Hina Khan

Hina Khan is currently battling breast cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment but before this the actress had expressed her pain on social media about working during periods. She had written- ‘We could not say no during periods. I wish I had the option of not shooting for the first two days of my periods, it would have been so nice. These days I don’t have much strength in my body. But I have to shoot outside. In almost 40 degrees. Period pain, mood swings, dehydration, heat, discomfort, low BP, shooting in such a situation, in which one has to run a lot in the sun. This is not easy.’

Should we get leave during periods or not? From Alia Bhatt to Kangana Ranaut, actresses gave such reactions

Like Kangana Ranaut, Sunny Leone had also termed the demand for period leave as wrong. She had said that if five holidays are given every month, then there will be 60 holidays in a year and this will harm the work. Sunny had said that if working during periods does not affect your health, then there is no need for leave.

Should we get leave during periods or not? From Alia Bhatt to Kangana Ranaut, actresses gave such reactions

Smriti Kalra

Television actress Smriti Kalra had also termed period leave as wrong. She had said that she has no problem working during periods, and she had also asked a question- ‘Why are people calling it period leave? Anyone suffering from any problem should get leave immediately, be it a boy or a girl, period leave is nonsense.’

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