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Lavkesh was handcuffed, he did not sleep the whole night; fans got emotional after seeing his condition, TV News Ibomma

So far in Bigg Boss OTT 3, you have seen that the housemates have come to know that Lavekesh Kataria is the outsider. On finding out that Lavekesh is an outsider, Bigg Boss says that he is directly nominated to be evicted from the house. Lavekesh is punished by keeping him handcuffed in the garden area. Now not only during the day but also throughout the night, Lavekesh has to stay in the garden area handcuffed.

handcuffs of lovekesh

However, in the meantime, Vishal Pandey and Sana Maqbool support him a lot. Vishal stayed with Lovekesh in the garden area all night to support him. Vishal then lay down next to Lovekesh. However, Love was having a lot of trouble sleeping due to being handcuffed. He could not sleep the whole night and looked very upset. Fans did not like his video. They are commenting that this is wrong with Love.

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Reactions of people

One wrote that the person who broke the biggest rule of the house, who raised his hand, was not punished, but Luv is being punished without any reason. Luv’s fans are messaging that you should not lose courage, we will give you a lot of votes and you will not be out of the game.

Huge praise for

At the same time, Vishal is also being praised for supporting Luv in such times. A video is going viral where Deepak Chaurasia asks Vishal that a time will come when Luv and you will be face to face and only one of them can stay in the house. To this Vishal says that I will leave the show. Hearing this from Vishal, people are commenting that if there is a friend then he should be like this.

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By the way, after Lovkesh got nominated for eviction this time, Elvish Yadav is also repeatedly appealing to the fans to vote for his friend. Now let’s see whether Lovkesh will stay in the show according to the votes or his journey will end here.

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