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Lovekesh Kataria’s girlfriend’s heart broke after watching this clip, know why she is upset, TV News Ibomma

In Bigg Boss OTT 3, Lovekesh Kataria is getting a lot of support from the public. Recently he was made an outsider and had to face difficulties after his secret was revealed. Love’s eviction was announced. After this, his friends saved Kataria by running a mill for 3 hours. Meanwhile, Love had to stay handcuffed. He was unable to sleep. Seeing this, his girlfriend Aashna is also upset. She has reshared some statuses in which Lovekesh’s fans are upset with him not being able to sleep.

Snake seen near handcuffed Kataria?

After it was revealed that Lavkesh is from outside, the housemates were asked who wants to evict him. Armaan Malik and Sai Ketan Rao raised their hands on this. Whereas Vishal Pandey, Shivani Kumari, Deepak Chaurasia and Sana Sultan wanted to save him. Those who wanted to save Lavkesh were given the task of running a mill. Until the result was announced, Lavkesh had to sit in the garden area wearing handcuffs. Some people also saw a snake there. However, according to Jio Cinema’s tweet, that video is edited. But many people believe that there was really a snake in the garden area.

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Aashna posted a status

Amidst all these problems, Luv was also having trouble sleeping. He was seen tossing and turning. His girlfriend has posted pictures of Luvkesh in which he looks uncomfortable. In one status it is written, Kataria is having trouble sleeping, look at his hand. In another status it is written, I feel bad for Kataria, he could not sleep the whole night. Aashna has posted all these statuses and has made a broken heart emoji with it. Along with this there is also a post of his voting appeal.

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