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Made everyone laugh and shed tears herself! Orphaned in childhood, this was the life of India’s first laughter queen Ibomma

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Tun tun.

The real name of yesteryear comedian Tun Tun is Uma Devi Khatri. Today is Uma Devi’s 101st birth anniversary. Uma Devi Khatri’s life was no less than an emotional film. A mixture of both inspiration and tragedy, her life was woven together with the threads of many emotions. Despite lending her melodious voice to 45 songs and voicing in about 180 films, her legacy is still unknown to many. Uma belonged to a village near Amroha in Uttar Pradesh. Her family was murdered due to a land dispute, leaving her orphaned at a young age. Her parents’ faces had already been erased from her memories, as she was raised by relatives who treated her more like a maid than a family member.

Started his career with radio

Amid these challenging circumstances, Uma found solace in the radio, which became her closest companion. She would escape the clutches of her relatives and immerse herself in the tunes of the radio, singing the songs of her childhood. It was in these moments that her dream of becoming a playback singer for films was born. Wanting to turn her desires and aspirations into reality, Uma fled to Bombay at the age of 23 in search of her new reality. With her bubbly and cheerful personality, her sense of humor and simple speaking style, she became very much liked. These qualities proved to be invaluable assets in her career as they symbolized the two most important points of her life in the entertainment industry.

self achieved position

In 1945, driven by her determination and passion for singing, Uma presented herself at Naushad Ali’s doorstep and made a bold declaration. Threatening to throw herself into the sea next to his bungalow, she demanded an opportunity to prove her worth. Naushad Ali, to his surprise, allowed her to audition which changed her life forever. Despite lack of formal musical training, Uma had a unique sweetness in her voice that mesmerized listeners. This was her singing debut, when she gave voice to the song ‘Afsana likh rahi hoon dil-e-beqarar ka’ composed by Naushad himself in the film Dard in 1947.

loved singing

The success of ‘Dard’ and her remarkable singing talent brought Uma many song offers. However, her collaboration with director SS Vasan in ‘Chandralekha’ brought her to the pinnacle of her career as a singer. It is worth noting that Uma never had formal training in music or singing. Yet her seven songs in ‘Chandralekha’, including the popular track ‘Saanjh Ki Bela’, remain the pinnacle of her singing career. She achieved all this despite having a limited vocal range and following an old singing style that had gone out of fashion.

When she became an actor from a singer

After this era Uma decided to take a break from the industry to focus on her family and household responsibilities. When she returned in the 1950s another important moment awaited her. Returning to Naushad Ali’s doorstep he recognised her mischievous personality and impeccable comic timing and encouraged her to take up acting. Uma made a deal with Naushad that she would work in a film only if Dilip Kumar shared the screen with her. This film was ‘Baabul’ which released in 1950.

This is how Tuntun got its name

Her wish came true and with it came a new name that would forever be associated with her comic persona, Tun Tun and with this Uma forever became Tun Tun. A name coined by Dilip Kumar himself. Adopting this name, Uma acquired the position of the first female comedian in Hindi cinema. Though she played comic roles in more than 200 films, Uma never got the recognition she deserved. During her five decade long career she acted in films in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and other languages, acting alongside big comedians of her time like Bhagwan Dada and Sundara. She left her indelible mark in films like ‘Awaara’ (1951), ‘Mr. and Mrs. ’55’ (1955) and ‘Pyaasa’ (1957) and established herself as a permanent artist in the comedy landscape of Bollywood. Uma Devi Khatri’s last Hindi film was ‘Kasam Dhandhe Ki’ (1990). After this he decided to retire from Hindi cinema.

The last time it happened like this

It is important to note that during this time, there was a lack of discussion about obesity in comedy. However, she wholeheartedly embraced the title of Tun Tun and brought her unique comedic style and flair to the screen. Tun Tun’s popularity was unmatched and her name became synonymous with plus-size characters in India. It is sad to note that Uma never received any awards for her career despite her extensive contributions and acclaim as an enduring comedian. In an interview with Shashi Ranjan, she lamented that she dedicated her entire life to the industry, but was ultimately abandoned by the industry. Till the end of her life she lived in a simple house, struggled with poor living conditions and illness, unable to make ends meet or afford proper medical care

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