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Maniesh Paul struggled once without a job for a year Akshay Kumar insulted him in the award function Ibomma

Manish Paul Struggle: All the stars in the entertainment industry have their own struggle stories. Anyway, it is not easy to turn big dreams into reality, it requires a lot of hard work. Here today we will tell you about an actor who left no stone unturned to turn his dreams into reality. However, this actor once had to remain unemployed for a year.

Wife supported me in bad times
The actor we are talking about is Maniesh Paul. Maniesh once had to remain unemployed for a year. During that time, he did not even have money to pay the rent. While talking to Humans of Bombay, Maniesh told how his wife supported him in bad times. He said, “When I struggled, Samyukta (Manish Paul’s wife) supported me. Finally in the year 2006, I got a full-time job as an RJ. So, I told Samyukta, ‘Let’s get married!’ We had a grand Punjabi-Bengali wedding. After living with me, Samyukta took up a job as a teacher. I kept up with my job and some anchoring work. We barely got time together, but she never complained… not even once.

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Manish was unemployed for a year
Manish further said, ‘Then in 2008, I was unemployed for a year and I did not even have money to pay the house rent. But, Samyukta took care of everything. She would say, ‘Be patient-you will get a big opportunity soon. And after a year, it happened. I got a TV serial. Things started getting better. I started doing reality shows and award nights. We had a daughter in 2011 and a son in 2016. Finally I am at a place where I can make time for Samyukta and my children. And it is a rule that I do not talk about work at the dinner table.’

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Akshay Kumar had insulted Manish
When Manish was asked to share a funny story with a celebrity, he revealed that once Akshay Kumar shouted at him. Manish told that when he asked Akshay Kumar to share some tips about acting at an award function, he said in a strict tone, “Chup raho”. I started sweating at this. My mother also came to see my work for the first time. I was very embarrassed that I got insulted.

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