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Mukesh Khanna clarified his statement ‘Kalki is not for people from Bihar-Odisha’; With me…, Bollywood News Ibomma

Bollywood actor Mukesh Khanna recently reviewed Kalki 2898 AD on his YouTube channel. During that time, he talked about the intellect level of the audience. He said that the intellect level of the film is right for Hollywood. People there are more intelligent than us. I am sorry, but people of Odisha and Bihar do not understand this kind of filmmaking. This statement of Mukesh Khanna created a ruckus on social media. However, now the actor has clarified his statement.

Mukesh Khanna said- I want to clear the misunderstanding

Mukesh Khanna gave a clarification on his ex handle and wrote that I have come to know through social media that people of Odisha and Bihar think that I have criticized their understanding while reviewing the film Kalki. This is a big misunderstanding which I want to clear.

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‘The first half of the film will go over people’s heads’

He further wrote that I had pointed out two minus points of the film Kalki, one is that it has tampered with the facts of Mahabharata. Second, the first half of the film is boring and confusing which a common film watcher will not be able to understand which is not in the interest of the film. In this, the villagers of Bihar and Odisha were presented as examples, which the Hollywood style first half made will go over the heads of many people. Which is the weakness of the film.

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Mukesh Khanna further said in a post on his X handle that three or four staff members who went to watch the film with me either did not understand the film or they fell asleep. Three of them were from Bihar. I did not point out the weaknesses of the film but I did not point out the weaknesses of their intellect.

Mukesh said that he criticized the film

Mukesh Khanna further clarified that I have travelled a lot to Bihar and Odisha. I have done campaigning. I have attended functions. I have visited the temple of Puri. Why would I criticize them? This was a matter of the film and I was criticizing the film and not the people of Bihar and Odisha. He further wrote that this thing needs to be understood.

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