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Mukesh Khanna Troll for his statement Kalki 2898 AD is not for the audience of Bihar Odisha | ‘Kalki’ is not for the audience of Bihar-Odisha, Mukesh Khanna trolled after this statement, people said Ibomma

Mukesh Khanna Troll: Actor Mukesh Khanna, who became famous for playing the role of Bhishma in BR Chopra’s television series Mahabharata, is being trolled a lot on social media for a comment made by him. Actually, Mukesh Khanna said something while reviewing Nag Ashwin’s Kalki 2898 AD on his YouTube channel, due to which he has now become the target of trolls.

Mukesh Khanna said this while reviewing Kalki
Let us tell you that Mukesh Khanna said on his YouTube channel that although he would give 100 marks for the performance and scale of Kalki 2898 AD, he felt that the film was made to appeal to the West and the audience of Bihar and Odisha would not be able to understand it.

He said, “The intellectual level with which the film has been made is fine for Hollywood. People there are more intelligent than us. I am sorry, but the audience of Odisha and Bihar will not understand this kind of filmmaking.” Mukesh’s statement has sparked outrage on social media and netizens are criticizing him for his derogatory comment.

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Mukesh Khanna became the target of trolls
Sharing Mukesh Khanna’s statement, a user wrote on Twitter: “So according to Mukesh Khanna, the state which gave birth to Pathani Samant and Aryabhatta, people are not smart enough to understand Kalki 2898 AD. It’s such a shame that understanding a movie is the measure of one’s intelligence.”

'Kalki' is not for the audience of Bihar-Odisha, Mukesh Khanna got trolled after this statement, people said- 'I am ashamed of you'

Another wrote, “Guys, do you think I am dumb because I am an Odiya? So stupid that I can’t understand Kalki movie which is a cliché from Hollywood? Looks like Mukesh Khanna thinks the same.”

Another user wrote, “Mukesh Khanna thinks Kalki is only for intellectuals who enjoy Hollywood movies, not for people from places like Odisha and Bihar. Seriously, people like Mukesh Khanna underestimate our brains and assume everyone is as stupid as them. If Robo (Enthiran) made Rs 300 crore in 2010 and Endgame made Rs 400 crore in India in 2019, why doubt our love for sci-fi in 2024? Mukesh Khanna’s ‘Aaryamaan – Warrior of the Universe’, which was a blatant Star Wars knockoff, came out in 2002. So, he questions our brains in 2024, but released a sci-fi TV show in 2002? What a joke!”

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Mukesh Khanna criticized Nag Ashwin
Meanwhile, Khanna also criticised director Nag Ashwin for showing a misleading story about the Mahabharata. He said that he found the filmmakers’ decision to change elements of the Mahabharata offensive.

He further said, “The liberty you have taken is not forgivable. We feel that South Indian film makers respect our traditions more, but what happened here?” He said that the government should set up a special committee for mythological films and projects with mythological connections.

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