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Nawazuddin Siddiqui narrated the scary story of his dead friend, said- I don’t believe in spirits but… Ibomma

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s interview clip is viral on social media. Everyone who heard it is googling about his mysterious friend Nirmal Das. The story Nawaz told is really shocking. It is about a mentally deranged friend of his. Many people told that when they thought about him, he would appear there. This happened with many people including Nawaz, Piyush Mishra.

Every man was suspecting

Nawazuddin told Bollywood Bubble, I had a friend named Nirmal Das. He went mad and then passed away. I don’t know where he went mad. But I know who went mad. His madness kept on increasing gradually throughout the process. I have also lived with him. He started talking nonsense. He lived in a strange fantasy. He had created a strange world and used to talk strange things. He started suspecting everyone that he wanted to kill me. We started realizing that he was slowly getting out of our hands.

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Nawaz got scared at 3 o’clock in the night

Nawaz further says that people gradually started leaving him. Nawaz kept him with him for a few days. Nawaz said, when I used to go, I would get to know that he started fighting with the shopkeepers downstairs, so I started getting scared. Once I was sleeping at night, around 3 o’clock I opened my eyes and his face was above mine. If you open your eyes at 3 o’clock in the night and a man is looking at you like this, then your condition will be bad. Then we collected money and left him in Delhi.

How did Nirmal Das reach Mumbai from Delhi?

Nawaz told, once I and my friend went to NSD, he was also from Delhi. Nirmal met him there and asked, how is Nawaz? Everything is fine. He talked normally, it’s not like he has grown a long beard. He said, give me 100 rupees. I gave it to him. There were many people who gave him money. We took the Paschim Express and came to Mumbai. In Mumbai, we changed our clothes, bathed, then we had to go to Versova beach. As we were going on the bike, I saw Nirmal Das on the side. We thought we were just coming after dropping him in Delhi, and he is here. Nawaz said, this has really happened to me. Nawaz also told that he gave money to Nirmal and directly sat in the train.

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Many people saw Nirmal Das

Nawaz told that many people said this. Piyush Mishra told that once he went to London. He was at the airport. Suddenly a visual of Nirmal Das came to his mind. As soon as he landed in Mumbai, he saw Nirmal Das in front of him at the airport. Such things started happening. Nawaz tells that he has a junior who was sitting at home. She must have seen a play of Nirmal Das and that came to her mind. When she got in the car and left, she saw that Nirmal Das was standing there. This strange thing was happening with many people. After some time we came to know that he passed away. Nawaz also said that he does not believe in ghosts, spirits etc. but this incident happened with him.

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