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Payal Malik is upset, said- throw Armaan and Kritika out of the show, TV News Ibomma

Payal Malik has been eliminated from Bigg Boss, but she talks a lot about the show. Now Payal has shared her new vlog. She told that she is upset with the trolling and negative comments coming on social media about her and her family. She is feeling so bad that she is even saying that should I die along with all the four children. She also says that Armaan and Kritika should be thrown out of the show.

I’ll die with my children

Payal is saying that people are troubling me a lot. It has become too much. Do those who are troubling me want me to die along with my four children? They have never troubled me so much as they are doing now.

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Arman-Kritika should be thrown out

She further says, ‘I am thinking of spending time with the kids now. I am neither watching Bigg Boss nor am I using my phone or Instagram because people are commenting that I did wrong and Armaan should be kicked out. Then kick him out, when am I saying no? Throw him out, he will take care of the kids after coming out. I am fed up all alone. Not just Armaan, throw Golu out too because our family is getting so much hate. People are acting as if we have done everything wrong.’

getting threatened

Payal said, ‘If you want to throw them out, don’t vote, they will come out. The world hates us. We have done all the wrong things in the world. People are saying that all our four children should be killed. We are getting many threats, so kill Armaan. Kill everyone. You are already saying wrong things about us. Just tell me whether we are the only three people living together. Many people in the industry have married twice. Earlier, people did not hate so much. Earlier, everyone used to love.’

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Finally Payal says that Vishal and Armaan are talking well. The tension between them will be resolved in the future and who knows they might become good friends in the future.

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