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production designing as a career option need of set designer and how one can make money from production designing Ibomma

Heeramandi Production Designer Subrata Chakraborty Interview: The art of making a film or series beautiful is called production designing. And the people who do this work are called production designers. Their special thing is that they are the invisible heroes who show their heroism even while being behind the scenes. If they are not there, then the difference between films and theatre will disappear.

Just imagine what Hiramandi would have been like in 1920. You must have felt this while watching the ‘Hiramandi’ series. The job of making you feel this is the responsibility of the production designer. He is an expert in showing that time through the sets in the film or series, as it must have been at that time.

If the courtesans standing under the big chandeliers in the luxurious mansions in ‘Hiramandi’ are able to take you to that world, then this success has been achieved only because of the production designing and the production designer.

If you were able to connect with the stuffy rooms of ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ and the royal grandeur of the big forts of ‘Padmaavat’, then this work was also of the production designer. This is the thing that makes these designers heroes. Who keep doing their work silently.

Exclusive: Become a production designer for a film and earn lakhs every month, you just have to do this much work

It is the dream of many people to make a career in Bollywood. Most people dream of entering the film world like a star. They want to try their luck in everything from singing to acting. There is nothing wrong in this, but in terms of career, there are many places in the film world that have remained untouched.

The reason for this is that people do not know about these different fields of Bollywood. In such a situation, we talked to a person working in the Bollywood industry who stays behind the scenes and does the necessary work for films with his magic. His job is to give an original touch to the films.

You must have seen the recently released web series ‘Heeramandi’. Apart from the praise of the acting of different actresses in this film, one more thing was praised. And that is the praise of the set of the film. The set of the film was very grand and excellent.

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We hired the set designer for this series. Subrata Chakraborty We talked to him. He not only told us about his work but also told us about the field he is working in, i.e. production designing. How it is a great career opportunity for the youth. So let’s know what secrets Subrata Chakraborty shared.

Question: Lakhs of youth from across the country want to make a career in films. Most of them give priority to acting. They also dream of becoming a star. But you are associated with production designing. Which is a field related to films, but it has nothing to do with acting. So what are the career prospects in this field?

answer: This question is interesting and so is its answer. Let me tell you, there are a lot of possibilities in this field. I am from a very small town. My family also wanted me to become a doctor or an engineer. But if you come into this field, whether it is production designing or DOP related work, then you may have 3 3 BHK flats in Mumbai. This is not possible many times even in a career that makes you a lot of money.

Subrat says – ‘When you come from a small town, the first question people ask is how much do you earn. So my answer to this is that you may not have even thought of how much you can earn here. If you work honestly, the production house increases your money.’ This is exactly like getting a promotion in a job.

Exclusive: Become a production designer for a film and earn lakhs every month, you just have to do this much work

Question: If someone wants to make a career in this field, then in which institutes can he do this course.

answer: Look, if you talk about colleges, you can take Pune’s FTII as an example. Apart from this, there are many colleges in our country where you can study this and make your career as a set designer or production designer.

Question: What is the cost of doing these courses?

answer: Look, if I talk about myself, when I came here (Mumbai), I came with zero money. I did small jobs to meet my expenses and I also made my career in this field. So to tell you the truth, if you have the desire, then I don’t think money can be a reason for not doing this course. Yes, obviously there is a course fee, so those who want to do it and want to come into this field will definitely get this information on the websites of the respective institutes.

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Question: When we watch a film, let’s say we name a film with which you have been associated, like Haider, Gangubai Kathiawadi, Padmavat or the recently released webseries Heeramandi. So the audience first talks about the big stars associated with that film, or the director. While you people also play an important role in all this, people like the film because of your hard work but you people work behind the scenes. The audience does not know you, due to which you do not get fame. So do you regret it somewhere?

answer: No, I don’t agree with you on this. You see, we are technicians and we don’t have any competition with artists because our work is different. For example, when you watch theatre, everything doesn’t seem original, but when you watch a film, even a lie seems true. So when we are able to bind the audience to the film by doing this, then that is a big thing for us. And we don’t have any direct connection with the audience, the fame we get is from within the industry.

Subrat also told about the 5 important people associated with the production. He said that first of all our captain, then DOP, cameraman and then production designer and costume designer, apart from this there are many other people who are important in making any project.

Exclusive: Become a production designer for a film and earn lakhs every month, you just have to do this much work

If you are thinking of making a career in production designing, then you should also know how it works

Research: The work of production designing is not just to make the set, but also to bring the story on screen exactly as the director wants to present it. This requires creativity. Research is an important part of it. Like at which time is the story set, and how would the houses or roads be at that time? What are the characters like and what would be the location? The better the research in all these, the better the production designing.

Assembling a full team of set builders: Before building the set, the production designer is also responsible for gathering all the materials needed for it and the entire crew to build it.

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In conversation with us Subrata He also told that he has a team of about 1000 people whom he employs. In this sense also, this is a good career option because in this field you will not only be able to make a career for yourself but can also become the reason for employment of thousands of people.

Just making the set is not the only work: In production designing, the work doesn’t end just after making the set. The chair on which ‘Gangubai’ will sit and the flower pot near which ‘Alamzeb’ will stand and speak his dialogues, it is the job of the production designer to set that chair and flower pot as well.

Necessary use of props: If a kitchen is made on the set, then which cooker and where the plate of food and fruits will be kept, all this is also the work of the production designer. From the use of statues in the decoration of the room to deciding the place of AC also comes under production designing.

Production designers also handle important work after pre-production: Even after designing the set during pre-production, i.e. before the shooting begins, the production designer remains associated with the project. If the director needs any changes during the shooting, then this work is also handled by the production designer.

Why is production designing important?
Why is production designing important is an important question. The answer is that it is because of this that an actor is able to perform his act in a more authentic way. If Alauddin Khilji of ‘Padmaavat’ did not have a sword and a fort, would he have looked like Alauddin? Or if Gangubai was living in a common locality, would she have been able to present the pain of the courtesans the way it was shown in the film? That is why the work of production designing becomes important.

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