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Ramayan director Ramanand Sagar spent his childhood with struggle days truck cleaner peon sold soap Ibomma

Ramanand Sagar Struggle Days: There would be no one in today’s era who would not know the name of Ramanand Sagar. Ramanand Sagar had made such a show in that era, which the directors of that time could have only imagined. Through ‘Ramayana’, Ramanand Sagar improved the careers of many stars. This is the reason why he is worshipped in every home even today.

Ramanand Sagar, who created such a great show, was a common man. He came from a very rich family, yet he had a very difficult childhood.

This is how Ramanand Sagar got his name
Born on 29 December 1917 in Lahore, Ramanand Sagar’s name at birth was Chandramouli. His grandfather came from Peshawar and settled in Kashmir. Gradually he became the Seth of the city. Ramanand was adopted by his maternal uncle after his mother passed away when he was just five years old. Then his maternal uncle changed Chandramouli’s name to Ramanand Sagar.

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Sometimes he sold soap and sometimes he became a truck cleaner
Ramanand Sagar was very fond of reading. But due to poor financial condition, he started facing difficulties in his studies. When his studies started getting affected due to lack of money, he started earning money along with studying. Then he first started working as a peon. This used to earn him some money. Then he became a truck cleaner, sometimes sold soap and sometimes worked as a goldsmith. He used to do all these works during the day and study at night.

Sometimes he worked as a peon and sometimes sold soap, the life of Ramanand Sagar of 'Ramayana' was 'colorless' in struggles

Started his career as a clapper boy
Ramanand Sagar started his career in the industry as a clapper boy. After this, he worked as an assistant stage manager in Prithviraj Kapoor’s theatre. He also wrote the script and screenplay of the film ‘Barsaat’. Ramanand Sagar started his TV production company He laid the foundation of Sagar Films Private Limited and made many films. When the TV world was undergoing a revolution in the 80s, Ramanand Sagar produced a cult show like ‘Ramayana’ which is still loved today.

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He received the Best Director award for this film
Ramanand Sagar has been awarded the Best Director award for the 1968 film ‘Aankhe’. Apart from ‘Ramayana’, he also made shows like ‘Alif Laila’, ‘Jai Ganga Maiya’, ‘Luv Kush’, ‘Sai Baba’, ‘Shri Krishna’ for TV. People still like them a lot.

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