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Rapper Naezy reveals his dating life with Sana Maqbool, says there were very deep connections but…, TV News Ibomma

The interest of the audience in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 is increasing. Today, in the episode of April 10, it was seen that after Bigg Boss’s punishment, the public saved Lavkesh from being evicted from the house. Not only this, Bigg Boss once again chose Lavkesh as the outsider. At the same time, in today’s episode, rapper Naezy was seen sharing his personal life with his friend Sana Maqbool. Naezy told that he has not dated anyone till date.

Sana asked Neji a personal question

Sana Maqbool and rapper Naezy’s friendship seems to be deepening. When Sana asked Naezy about his past relationships, Naezy said that he never dated anyone. Sana asked Naezy, “Has he never had a girlfriend?” To this Naezy replied that he is going to get married straight away. Sana told him that he is lying. Then Sana told him that you had told me that you used to rap to impress people, so someone must have been impressed.

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Sana gives this advice to Neji

On this, Naezy said that yes I liked people, but whoever I liked was already dating someone. During this, Sana Maqbool advised Naezy to change this myth and express himself.

Negi has never been in a relationship

After this, Naji told that he had once gone to UK. There, he liked someone, but he could not do anything. Naji said, “I did not have the courage. I stayed with people, I had very deep connections. We got up and sat together, chilled, shared similar vibes with female friends, but I did not get into a relationship or date.”

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