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Sanjeev Kumar knew when he would die, the men in his house were ‘cursed’ to die early Ibomma

In the entertainment industry where people want to look young even in old age, Sanjeev Kumar started playing the role of an old man in his youth. The reason behind this was very strange. He thought that he would not be able to see old age. He would die before turning 50, so he wanted to live his age on screen. His prediction came true. He died of a heart attack before he turned 50. He used to say that an astrologer had told him that this would happen. At the same time, people believe that there was a ‘curse’ on the men of his family due to which no one reached the age of 50. On his birthday (9 July), know this secret of his life.

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Sanjeev Kumar was alone at the last moment

Sanjeev Kumar earned a lot of name and money in films but his last days were not good. He was alone and had lost the will to live. Sanjeev Kumar did not marry. There are two reasons for this. People say that he loved Hema Malini very much. Dharmendra and Hema grew close on the sets of Sholay. Sanjeev Kumar’s heart was broken and after this he decided never to marry. His decision was strengthened by the fact that he thought that he would not be able to cross the age of 50. He had a premonition of his death. He used to talk about this to his friends and fellow actors.

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I had told Tabassum about the astrologer

Sanjeev Kumar started playing old people in his youth because he felt that he would never reach that age. Actress Tabassum once told in Tabassum Talkies, I once asked him why he wanted to play old people’s roles? To this he replied, Tabassum, a palmist has told me that I will not live long and will not be able to see old age. That is why I want to play old people’s roles so that I can live that age which is not in my destiny.

This happened to all the men in the family

There was something in the medical history of Sanjay Kumar’s family that the men in his family could not reach the age of 50. Sanjeev Kumar’s grandfather, father, younger brother Nakul all died before 50. Because of this, Sanjeev Kumar was also sure that he would not be able to cross 50. All of them had heart attacks. Sanjeev Kumar also died of a heart attack at the age of 47.

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