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Sarfira Movie Review: Akshay Kumar made a strong comeback with ‘Sarfira’ Ibomma

Since 2021, Akshay Kumar has been continuously appearing in many films, but in the meantime, except for the film ‘OMG 2’, his other films could not create any magic at the box office. Now Akshay’s film which is going to be released in theaters on July 12, will be much better than your expectations. Yes, Akshay has made a bang comeback on the big screen with the film ‘Sarfira’. He has come to the audience with a brilliant and amazing film.

By the way, this time when I was going to watch ‘Sarfira’, only one thing was going on in my mind that Akshay will disappoint me again, but no, this did not happen at all. The pace that the film picked up from the beginning continued till the climax. This film is a perfect entertainment combo. The film will not let you move from your seat. The film is full of emotions and Akshay has acted so brilliantly with those emotions that it is worth watching.

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The story of the film is about a person who wants to open his own airlines through which he can provide air tickets to common people at half the price and you will see Akshay Kumar in his role. The story of this film is based on Captain Gopinath’s book ‘Simple Fly: A Deccan Odyssey’. Along with Akshay in the film, you will see Radhika Madan as the lead actress, who has given her best this time and this is going to be the best film of her career.

In the film, Veer leaves his Air Force job and embarks on a mission in which the possibility of victory is perhaps impossible. Veer wants to open his own airline, but whoever he goes to with his proposal, he gets disappointment from there. No businessman comes forward to help him. Veer does not give up and his wife Rani (Radhika Madan) helps him a lot in this. Rani remains his companion in every difficulty. Rani has her own bakery shop.

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Veer then tries to meet the owners of many airlines, but no one refuses to give him time. Then once again he meets Paresh Goswami (Paresh Rawal), who is the owner of an airline. How does Veer’s life change after meeting Paresh? To know this, you will have to go to the cinema yourself and watch the entire film, where you will also get the answer to the question whether Veer succeeds in his purpose or not.

Talking about acting, apart from Akshay Kumar and Radhika Madan, all the stars including Paresh Rawal and Seema Biswas have done justice to their characters. You will find everyone’s acting perfect. The first half of the film will excite you so much that you will start waiting for the second half and by the time the second half arrives, you will become very emotional. The film will end, but you will feel as if the story continues and you just keep watching.

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What a wonderful direction Sudha Kongara has done. You can watch this film made under her direction with your entire family. Apart from emotions, there is a lot more in this film, which will boost your morale. It is said that cinema is the biggest medium of communication and if films like ‘Sarfira’ are made, then a very good message will reach the people. The music of GV Prakash Kumar, Tanishk Bagchi and Suhit Abhyankar is also very good in the film. 4 stars for ‘Sarfira’ from my side.

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