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shah rukh khan mother lateef fatima interesting facts studied at oxford university close to indira gandhi Ibomma

Shah Rukh Khan’s Mother: Lateef Fatima Bollywood’s best actor Shahrukh Khan has made a wonderful journey from rags to riches. Shahrukh Khan has earned a big and special name in Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan, who came to Mumbai’s film industry from Delhi, later became a famous name all over the world.

Shahrukh Khan is 58 years old. He has been active in Bollywood for more than three decades. He is known as a global star. The actor who made the whole world crazy about him was born on 2 November 1965 in New Delhi. His father’s name was Taj Mohammad. He was a freedom fighter. The actor’s mother’s name was Latif Fatima. Let us tell you some special things about Shahrukh’s mother today.

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Talif Fatima was engaged to this cricketer

Before marrying Taj Mohammad, Latif Fatima was engaged to a cricketer. Latif Fatima was engaged to former cricketer Abbas Ali Baig. However, their relationship could not progress. Latif broke off her engagement with Abbas Ali Baig.

Shahrukh’s mother was 11 years younger than her husband

There was an age difference of 11 years between Shahrukh’s father and his mother. The actor’s father Taj Mohammed was 11 years older than his wife Latif Fatima. Both of them got married in the year 1959. Latif Fatima was a resident of Hyderabad. After marriage, Latif and Taj became parents of a daughter. While Shahrukh was born to the couple in the year 1965.

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Studied from Oxford University, was a rank-holder magistrate

Shahrukh Khan’s mother Latif Fatima Khan was very educated. She studied from the popular Oxford University. While she was a rank-holder magistrate from England. Shahrukh’s mother was counted among the influential personalities. Speaking about his mother in one of his interviews, Shahrukh said, ‘She was one of the first few Muslim women who had achieved so much. Her tenure as a magistrate was very long.’

close friend of indira gandhi

Latif Fatima Khan was also close to former Indian PM Indira Gandhi. Latif’s father and Shahrukh’s maternal grandfather Shahnawaz Khan was a revolutionary. It is said that Shahnawaz Khan was the first person to take down the British flag from the Red Fort.

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