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Shweta Tiwari talks about on failed marriages with Raja Chaudhary and Abhinav Kohli, says she got cheated in a relationship | Mother got taunted, people judged her… Shweta Tiwari expressed her pain on failed marriages, said Ibomma

Shweta Tiwari Husband: Actress Shweta Tiwari, who won the hearts of people by playing the role of ‘Prerna’ in the TV serial ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’, needs no introduction today. Shweta is one of the popular actresses of TV. The actress has gained a lot of popularity in her career. It was Shweta’s successful career in TV that changed her fate.

Shweta Tiwari expressed her pain on being betrayed in love

Actress Shweta Tiwari has faced many difficulties in her life so far. However, the actress never gave up and faced every problem bravely. Shweta recently revealed that, ‘She has been cheated in love many times. Shweta even said that she had refrained herself from filing for divorce from her first husband Raja Chaudhary, who is the father of her daughter Palak, after complaints of domestic violence.

While talking in an interview with Galata India, Shweta Tiwari said, ‘The people who cheated her are now regretting it. She said that when she was cheated in a relationship for the first time, she cried and said, ‘Why only me, God?’ When the same thing happens for the second time, then one realises that this pain will never end, this is going to happen. In my family, I was the only one who had a love marriage, that is why people used to taunt my mother and judge my marriage as well.’

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Mother used to get taunts

Shweta further said that when a person is cheated for the third time, it stops affecting him. She said that when someone cheats her or hurts her, she does not complain about it to anyone, but instead gets separated. Shweta married actor Raja Chaudhary in 1998. Two years later, they had their first daughter Palak. While Shweta’s career progressed, her personal matters deteriorated. Shweta had accused Raja of domestic violence. They got divorced in 2007.

After Raja, Shweta married Abhinav Kohli. Things went well until they had their first child. Their son Reyansh was born in 2016. Soon after, their second marriage started facing problems. In 2019, Shweta also accused Abhinav of domestic violence. Talking about the work front, Shweta will soon be seen in Ajay Devgan and Deepika Padukone starrer film ‘Singham Again’.

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