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Srishti’s truth revealed to the family, will Arshi’s mother go to jail?, TV News Ibomma

Jhanak Spoiler Alert, New Episode: Star Plus’ show Jhanak has new twists and turns every day. Now the biggest twist of the show will be that Srishti’s truth will be revealed to the housemates. Mrinalini and Chotan will play the video in front of everyone where it will be seen that Srishti tried to burn Jhanak and because of that Arshi got burnt and is in the hospital. Now what will happen when Anirudh will realize his mistake?

The family members will be shocked after watching the video

Ever since Arshi reached the hospital, Anirudh was constantly doubting Jhanak. Despite Jhanak’s words, Anirudh is seen telling the policeman that if Jhanak has burnt Arshi, then she should be punished for it. Now when Mrinalini and Choton will play the video in front of everyone, it remains to be seen what Anirudh will do? Will Anirudh fulfill the promise made to Arshi after Srishti’s truth is revealed? Anirudh has promised Arshi that he will definitely punish the person who burnt her. Will Srishti go to jail now?

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Jhanak will leave Bose House and go to Mumbai

On the other hand, after being proven innocent, Jhanak will leave Bose House. Jhanak will now move forward with her life and go to Mumbai. She will reach Mumbai to participate in a dance show.

Jhanak will go to Mumbai without telling anyone

In the show, you will see that Jhanak will go to Mumbai without telling anyone. She will leave a letter for Aniruddha. Jhanak is badly broken by Aniruddha’s behavior. On reaching Mumbai, Jhanak will meet a new person. It will be interesting to see what new turn Jhanak’s life will take after reaching Mumbai?

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Hiba Nawab has played the role of Jhanak in Star Plus’ show Jhanak. Chandni Sharma has played the role of Arshi and Krishal Ahuja will be seen in the role of Anirudh.

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