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tabu real religion is muslim actress worked with dev anand as child artist know about her career Ibomma

Religion: There are very few actors from the 90s in Bollywood right now. Many actors have left acting and some have started doing something else. But there is one actress who has maintained her hold in the industry since the 90s. Even today, makers keep following her to cast her in their films. This actress wins the hearts of fans with her brilliant acting. Very few people know about the real religion of this actress. Because her name is Hindu but she is actually a Muslim. Let us tell you about this actress.

The actress we are talking about is none other than Tabu. You must have felt a little strange after reading this. But this is true, Tabu is known by a Hindu name but her actual religion is Muslim and she follows her religion very strictly.

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this is the real name
Tabu’s real name is Tabassum Fatima Hashmi. She follows her religion. Tabu always keeps Roza whether she is shooting for a film or is busy with something else. She never skips Roza. Even if Tabu is travelling while keeping Roza, she eats something only in the evening.

She has worked with Dev Anand
Tabu has worked with many superstars. One of them is Dev Anand. As a child artist, she worked with Dev Anand in Hum Naujawan. Not only this, she has also worked with Amitabh Bachchan in Kohraam and Cheeni Kam. Fans also liked the chemistry between the two.

She is winning hearts with her negative role
Tabu has been playing negative roles for some time now. She is being liked even for her negative roles. She has also played the role of a villain in many films. For which she has been praised a lot.

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