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There will be a fierce clash between Anupama and Vanraj, Bapuji has given his final decision, TV News Ibomma

Anupama 10 July 2024 Written Update: Wednesday’s episode of Anupama serial is going to be very entertaining, because on one hand Anuj, Anupama and Vanraj Shah will try to bring Ba and Bapuji back home and on the other hand there will be a fierce clash between Anupama and Vanraj Shah on the issue of selling the house. The episode of 10 July 2024 of the serial will start with the scene of Vanraj Shah convincing Bapuji and Ba. Vanraj Shah will insist Bapuji to go home but Bapuji will clearly say that now he has to stay here. His happiness lies in staying here. So that Vanraj does not feel bad, he will make Vanraj’s words bigger and say that you are doing the right thing by selling the house.

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Ba-Bapuji will refuse to return home

Bapuji will say that you have to look after the future of your children and we have no future now, all we have is the memories of that house. That is why we cannot see that house breaking down in front of our eyes. Bapuji will say that you sell that house, we will sign the papers and Anupama you also sign. When Vanraj Shah returns home with a sad face, everyone will ask him why Ba-Bapuji did not come? After returning from school, the children will also ask where are Ba and Bapuji? Vanraj will not have any answer and after asking a lot, he will finally say that now their happiness lies in staying there, so let them stay there.

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Vanraj Shah is adamant on selling the property

When Dimple-Kavya will say that if we go together and convince them, they will come, then Vanraj will say that no one will go to them. Only I will go and get the signatures on the house papers. Kavya will get angry and say that Ba-Bapuji has left the house and you are still worried about the property. Then Vanraj will shout and say that stop making me feel again and again that I am a bad son. I tried to bring them, but they are not agreeing. They are saying that their happiness lies there, so should I forcibly bring them here where they will not even be happy. Meanwhile, Pakhi and Toshu will say that Papa, you get the signatures on the papers and get Mummy to sign as well.

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There will be a fierce clash between Anupama and Vanraj

Then Anupama’s voice will come from behind and she will say that she will not sign. Anupama will argue that we do not know how many more days Ba-Bapuji has, he wants to spend that time in his house. There will be a fierce fight between Vanraj Shah and Anupama regarding not signing the papers, so much so that Anuj will have to intervene. Meanwhile, Pakhi and Toshu will start making cheap allegations on their mother and will say that is this what a mother is like? What has she done for us till date? Hearing this, Anupama will get emotional again. What will happen next? Stay connected with Live Hindustan to know.

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