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This actor said goodbye to the world at the age of 39, ‘Kagaz Ke Phool’ made the telephone operator a ‘Guru’ of acting Ibomma

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Guru Dutt.

Guru Dutt was a renowned Indian filmmaker and actor, known for his unique use of camera close-ups, lighting techniques and heartfelt portrayal of emotions. A versatile actor, Guru Dutt charmed people with his acting in many films and directed 8 Hindi films, including ‘Pyaasa’ in 1957. It has also been listed among the 100 best films. Born on 9 July 1925, Guru Dutt passed away at the age of 39. Today is his birth anniversary, so we will discuss Guru Dutt’s journey to becoming one of India’s greatest filmmakers and actors and the tragic circumstances that led to his lonely death.

How Vasant Kumar became Guru Dutt

Vasant Kumar Shivshankar Padukone was born on 9 July 1925 in a Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin family in Padukone town of present-day Karnataka, India. After an accident in childhood, his name was changed to Guru Dutt Padukone, which is considered an auspicious decision. His father Shivshankar Rao Padukone was a headmaster and banker, while his mother Vasanti was a teacher and writer. Originally from Karwar, Guru Dutt moved to Bhawanipur, Kolkata in his childhood, where he grew up and became fluent in the Bengali language.

Journey from telephone operator to films

In 1942, Guru Dutt began his studies at Uday Shankar’s dance and choreography school in Almora. However, he left his studies in 1944 due to his association with the leading lady of the company. He then got a job as a telephone operator at the Lever Brothers factory in Kolkata, but soon quit the job. After some time, he moved to Bombay (now Mumbai), after which Guru Dutt’s uncle got him a job in Prabhat Film Company in Pune under a three-year contract. It was here that he became friends with actors Rehman and Dev Anand.

These films made him a classic actor

In 1945, Guru Dutt made his acting debut in Vishram Bedekar’s film ‘Lakhrani’ and in 1946 worked as an assistant director and choreographer in P.L. Santoshi’s film Hum Ek Hain, which marked Dev Anand’s acting debut. He later became one of the country’s greatest filmmakers. His notable films such as ‘Kagaz Ke Phool’ (1959), ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand’ (1960) and ‘Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam’ (1962) are considered classics in Indian cinema. Guru Dutt was recognised as one of CNN’s top 25 Asian actors of all time in 2012.

how was your married life

In 1953, Guru Dutt married Geeta Roy Chowdhury, a famous playback singer whom he met during the making of Baazi (1951). Despite much opposition from the family, they were engaged for three years before getting married. They moved into a bungalow in Pali Hill, Mumbai and had three children, Tarun, Arun and Nina. However, their marriage had some troubles, with Guru Dutt’s excessive smoking, drinking and erratic lifestyle spoiling their relationship. His close relationship with actress Waheeda Rehman further complicated matters, leading to their separation.

said goodbye to the world too soon

On 10 October 1964, Guru Dutt was found dead on his bed in his rented apartment on Peddar Road in Bombay. Reports suggested that he had mixed sleeping pills with alcohol, which led to his death. Geeta Dutt died soon after in 1972 at the age of 41 due to liver failure caused by excessive drinking. After Guru and Geeta’s death, their children were raised by Guru’s brother Atma Ram and Geeta’s brother Mukul Roy.

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