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Vanraj Shah, blinded by greed, will not understand Bapuji’s feelings, TV News Ibomma

In the upcoming episode of Anupama serial, you will see that Vanraj Shah will not be able to understand the feelings of Baa and Bapuji due to his greed. Bapuji will tell him why he has left the house and come to this old age home. But keeping in mind the happiness of the children, Bapuji will also say that we are old and you have your whole life left. So in such a situation, selling that house would be the right decision. Due to his dull thinking and the words of the children, Vanraj Shah will remain adamant on the decision to sell that property.

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Vanraj did not understand what Bapuji was thinking

But Anupama and Anuj Kapadia will stand in his way. On returning home, when Kinjal and Kavya will ask Vanraj Shah why he did not bring Ba-Bapuji along, he will not give any answer. Kinjal will say that this house will not be able to run without Ba-Bapuji, then Vanraj Shah will say that I will go to meet them. I will get the signature on the property papers from them. Kinjal will be stunned to hear his words.

Vanraj will make serious allegations against Anupama

While Vanraj Shah is still thinking about the property with disappointment on his face, Anupama will clearly say that no matter what happens, she will not sign these papers. She will say that she will not let this house be sold without Ba Bapuji’s consent and the sale of the house will also be discussed in the presence of Ba Bapuji. Hearing this, Vanraj Shah will get upset and ask if he also wants a share in the property. He will make cheap allegations on Anupama by taking the names of Anuj and Adhya.

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Why did Bapuji leave home and go to the old age home?

Let us tell you that in Tuesday’s episode of Anupama serial, it was shown that after a lot of searching, Anupama and Anuj will finally find Ba and Bapuji together. Anuj will come to know through one of his friends that Bapuji and Ba have registered their names in an old age home. Anuj and Anupama will reach this old age home with Vanraj Shah and Vanraj will ask him what mistake he made. Bapuji will tell that for him the house which Vanraj is selling is a temple.

Vanraj Shah, blinded by greed, will not understand Bapuji's feelings, TV News IbommaAnuj will meet Ba-Bapuji in the old age home, Vanraj Shah will be shocked

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