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Vishal Pandey again talked about Kritika Malik, said- she is beautiful and wife material, TV News Ibomma

In the last week’s Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss OTT, the fight between Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey was in the headlines. There was a lot of uproar on social media about the slap that Armaan gave to Vishal. Now in the last episode, Vishal is seen talking to Sana Maqbool about his fight with Armaan Malik. Not only this, he now told Sana why he said that Kritika likes him.

Vishal said I am not able to forget the slap

Vishal says, ‘I am very heavy inside. I have forgiven everything, but that one incident (Armaan’s slap) is going on in my mind. No matter how much I am trying, I am not able to forget this. Sana tells Vishal that if you feel that you have made a mistake then apologize. Vishal then says that his words have been misinterpreted. Sana says that if Armaan’s family has questioned him then it means your statement has been misunderstood. Vishal accepts this and says that I understand, but he (Armaan Malik) should have given me a chance to speak.

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It was good that I didn’t raise my hand on Arman

Sana explains to Vishal that it is justified for Armaan to be angry. Vishal says yes I understand. If I were there, I would have done the same. Najee then asks Vishal if he would have killed Armaan, Vishal says I would have killed Armaan if everyone had not pulled me. It is good that everyone stopped me because I was not in my senses for 10 minutes. If I had killed them, then I would have felt very bad.

Vishal made it clear

After this, the nomination task took place and Sana, Vishal, Armaan Malik and Kritika Malik discussed. Sana forbade Vishal from talking about them. Vishal then clarified the statement made about Kritika to Sana that I should tell the truth that I had said in a completely different way that I like Bhabhi, meaning she is a complete wife material. She is well behaved, beautiful, she has a quality that I give her food first. I had said it in the manner that these qualities are there, but it is okay.

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