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Vishal Pandey took revenge from Kritika Malik for Armaan Malik’s slap, know what he did, TV News Ibomma

Nomination task took place in the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3. During this, all the contestants will give a medal to the person they want to nominate for eviction from the house. During this, Vishal, who used to speak well of Kritika Malik till yesterday, nominates her for eviction from the house. Not only this, Kritika even told Vishal during this time not to call her Bhabhi.

Why did Krithika refuse to call her Bhabhi?

Actually, when Vishal Pandey’s turn comes, he gives the medal to Kritika Malik. Vishal says that I would like to nominate Kritika Bhabhi. On this, Kritika immediately says that do not call me Bhabhi. I am not your relative. Vishal says that I will say whatever I have to say. After this, while giving the reason for nominating Kritika, Vishal says that Kritika Bhabhi does not use her brain and she does not have any opinion of her own.

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Battle of Chandrika-Vishal

When Chandrika nominates Vishal, she says that Vishal does not respect girls. When Vishal nominates her, Chandrika says that he should not make her wear the medal, she will wear it herself. Vishal gets very angry after this and says that do not play all these useless cards with me. Chandrika then says that Vishal had made a dirty comment about Krithika, Lavkesh also accepted this. Vishal warns her to stop commenting on his character.

Vishal says that when you comment on someone, first understand that you are assassinating his character, that is, calling his character bad. Vishal then says that do not speak in this matter, anyway he has already apologized to Kritika.

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