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Vishal told Chandrika to spend time with him, Vada Pav girl got angry and said- I am with you…, TV News Ibomma

In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT-3’, there was a fierce fight between Chandrika Dixit and Vishal Pandey. Actually, when Bigg Boss gave the nomination task to the housemates, Chandrika came forward and nominated Vishal. While giving the reason for nominating, Chandrika said that he does not respect girls. Vishal got angry. He nominated Chandrika and said, “You cannot judge someone’s character just because of a statement. If you are questioning my character, then first know about me, spend time with me and then comment on my personality.”

Chandrika replied to Vishal saying, “I wanted to spend time with you, but you didn’t want to. Remember! What you told me. You said that you will never insult a girl, but you did.” After this, Vishal goes to put a necklace around Chandrika’s neck to nominate her, but Chandrika refuses to wear the necklace from his hand. She says that she will wear the necklace herself. Hearing Chandrika’s words, Vishal loses his temper and says, “Don’t play all these useless cards with me.”

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Chandrika then accused Vishal of making bad comments on Kritika Malik and said, ‘Your friend Lavkesh himself has said that your intentions were bad.’ Vishal warned him not to comment on her character. Vishal said not to bring up Kritika as he has apologised to her. After this, Chandrika nominated Lavkesh Kataria.

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