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Vishal’s sister targeted Krithika, said- if she can marry her friend’s husband then she…, TV News Ibomma

Two members of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’ – Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey are in the news. Actually, a few days ago, Armaan slapped Vishal on the cheek, after which the demand to evict him from the house started rising on social media. However, instead of evicting him from the house, Bigg Boss nominated him for the entire season. In such a situation, his sister Neha Pandey is furious. She has targeted Kritika, Armaan and Payal during the interview.

Take Armaan out- Neha

In an interview to News18 show, Neha said, “I think he (Armaan) should be evicted from the house. If this doesn’t happen, it will send a very wrong message outside. In the next season, people will resort to even more violence.

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We have not worn bangles- Neha

When Armaan slapped Vishal on the cheek, Kritika told Armaan to keep calm and we will see this outside the show. Reacting to this, Vishal’s sister said, ‘This is an open warning. We did not make an issue of it, but Payal (Malik) is continuously making videos on it. If they are saying that they will see us outside the show, then we will also answer them. We have not worn bangles. We will take legal action against them. There are already many cases against them and a new case may not matter to them.’

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Said this about Krithika

Vishal’s sister targeted Payal and Kritika and said, ‘Armaan had a wife, then he married another woman and they are justifying it. Payal is taking a stand for Kritika. Why didn’t she take a stand for herself? Why did she have to suffer? Don’t women live without their husbands? Can’t they take care of their children alone? Are there no single mothers in this world? She should have taken care of her child herself. She should have taken a stand for herself. If Kritika can marry her friend’s husband, then she can also take a stand for herself. Payal doesn’t need to speak for her.’

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