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‘What does she eat?’ Food blogger body shamed Swara Bhaskar, the actress gave a befitting reply- ‘You ate a milk…’ Ibomma

New Delhi. Swara Bhaskar is not afraid to speak her mind. So when recently a food blogger posted an ex (Twitter) and body shamed her, she became angry and gave him a befitting reply. Which is now going viral on social media. All this happened when a food blogger posted an ex (Twitter) and shared Swara’s old and new pictures and compared her looks.

Swara Bhaskar is that Bollywood actress who freely expresses her opinion on every issue on social media, due to which she has to face trolling many times. Recently, a food blogger tried to troll her by sharing her old and new photos and comparing her looks, but Swara gave a befitting reply to the blogger and shut him up.

Actually, food blogger Nalini had made fun of Swara Bhaskar’s increased weight with her picture and said, ‘What does she eat’? Swara replied to this post of the troller and wrote, ‘I have become a mother, do something good Nalini’.

However, Swara had started teaching a lesson to social media user Nalini even before this. A user wrote to Nalini – ‘Body shaming is not good. I am removing you from my followers list and blocking you.’ Another user wrote, ‘You should be ashamed.’ Another wrote – ‘She is a mother now, so yes, she has gained some weight. @NalinisKitchen grow up and stop body shaming.’

Food blogger Nalini then shared that it all started when the actress dismissed her vegetarian lifestyle in a tweet. She wrote, ‘I was doing well, but you came in my way by spreading hate on my vegetarian post. I regularly promote vegetarianism and that post was just a part of it. Your reaction made it a communal issue, which is why I did not respond that day.

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Nalini further wrote- Your food choices are your own and I have no problem with it. However, I am free to express and promote vegetarianism. Yes, I am a vegetarian and understand that dairy can be cruel in some way. She further said, ‘You made my post a communal issue. You have a lot of fans, so please think twice before making such comments. Your words can impact society and cause great trouble for people like me. ‘I admit my mistake by posting your photos and will remove them soon. Don’t be afraid, admit your mistakes and eliminate hatred against me.

Nalini again wrote a long post, to which Swara replied.

This again caught Swara Bhaskar’s attention after which the actress again responded. Swara wrote- ‘Let’s get into it! You got upset that I criticized your vegetarian-dominated post, which was clearly aimed at Muslims on Bakrid. Fine. But, instead of having a conversation with me on vegetarianism you chose to shame a breastfeeding mother for gaining weight?? You are a nutritionist?’

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Let us tell you that the fight between Nalini and Swara started a few days ago when Nalini shared a photo of her plate of food, which had paneer and fried rice. While sharing the photo, Nalini wrote, ‘I am proud to be a vegetarian. My plate is free from tears, cruelty and sin.’

While resharing this post, Swara wrote- ‘To be honest. I don’t understand one thing about vegetarian people. Your entire diet is made by forcibly impregnating cows, then separating them from their calves and stealing their milk. Apart from this, you eat root vegetables, which destroys the entire plant. Relax, there is no need to ask too many questions, because it is Bakrid.’

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