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When I get intimate…Karan Johar shared his fears, said- I cried a lot after seeing my body in my childhood Ibomma

Karan Johar often speaks openly about his trolling and mental health. Recently, during an interview, he talked about body dysmorphia. Which means that he is very upset about how his body looks. Karan Johar told that since he was young, people have been making fun of him. He used to wonder why he is not like other boys. Even when he is intimate with someone, he does not want his body to be seen, so he turns off the lights.

I don’t want my body to be seen

Karan Johar recently told Faye D’Souza that he has body dysmorphia. He doesn’t like his body. Karan said, I have body dysmorphia. I feel very awkward going into the pool. I tried a lot to come out of it. No matter how much success you have achieved, no matter what you think of yourself, I always wear oversized clothes. No matter how much weight I lose, no matter how much effort I make, I always feel that I am fat. I don’t want anyone in front of me to see any part of my body.

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I am hesitant to go to the pool

Karan told that even when he is with his close friends in the pool, he keeps wearing a bathrobe till the last moment. He said, nothing has changed since I was 8 years old. I keep body shaming myself all the time. Even during intimacy, I have to turn off the lights. I have taken therapy for this. All these reasons lead to mental health issues. I have also taken medicines after having a panic attack.

When I made fun of him as a child

Karan told that when he was young, he once participated in a talent competition. When he danced there, people started laughing. He returned home, looked at himself and started crying. He wondered why he was not like other boys. Karan felt that he had disappointed his parents.

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