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When Pandit Nehru recommended admission of a girl child in school, a boy used to be cast in films Ibomma

Daisy Irani: If you are interested in Hindi films, then you must remember that curly haired child of the 1950s and 60s. This child artist used to be seen in the role of a little boy in that era of black and white films. But this little child with curly hair was not a boy, but a girl. Her name was Daisy Irani. Daisy was born on 17 June 1950 in a Parsi family in Mumbai. Her father Noshir Irani used to run an Irani restaurant, while mother Perin was a housewife.

Daisy Irani’s film career started at the age of just two and a half years. Her first film was Taksal, whose shooting began in 1953, but it was released in 1956. Bandish was Daisy Irani’s second film, but it was released a year before Taksal, i.e. in 1955. Bandish had big and famous stars like Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari. In Taksal, Daisy Irani worked with legendary actors like Balraj Sahni and Nirupa Roy.

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Daisy’s entry into films was a coincidence
Bipin Gupta was a big film director of that time. He was looking for a young boy for one of his films. One day Daisy was playing outside the house wearing her brother’s shirt. Then Bipin Gupta saw her. He thought that Daisy was a boy. Bipin Gupta came to know that the one he thought was a boy was actually a girl. But then it came to his mind that how would the audience know that it was a girl and not a boy. At first, Daisy’s father did not agree to let her work in films, but her mother had no objection. Finally Bipin Gupta convinced both Daisy’s parents. Daisy Irani played the role of a boy in that film so well that she started getting similar roles again.

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Daisy’s meeting with Nehru
Daisy Irani’s 1957 film ‘Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke’ won the National Award. All the actors working in the film were called to Delhi. Daisy also went to Delhi with her mother. There she met the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. During the meeting with Nehru, Daisy mispronounced an English word. Nehru was offended by this mistake of Daisy. He asked Daisy’s mother if she does not go to school. Her mother told Nehru that she is unable to go to school because of working in films.

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had to leave school
Nehru ji did not like this. He told Daisy’s mother that studies are very important, educate her. Then Nehru also gave a recommendation letter for her admission in a famous school of Mumbai. On the basis of that recommendation letter, Daisy got admission in the fourth class in Rose Manor Garden School of Santacruz. But Daisy did not like studying. She failed three times in the fourth class. Eventually she left going to school. Working more in films was also a reason for this. Then arrangements were made for her to take tuitions at home. This was done so that her pronunciation and dialogue delivery could improve. Whatever Daisy learned in her life, she learned from her brothers and sisters.

Daisy had five siblings
Daisy Irani had five siblings. She had two brothers, Sarosh and Boman. Her two sisters were Menaka Irani and Honey Irani. Honey Irani is the ex-wife of lyricist and famous screenwriter Javed Akhtar. While Menaka Irani was the mother of famous choreographers Farah Khan and Sajid Khan. Daisy’s siblings also tried to work in films, but none of them got much success.

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A look at the film journey
Apart from Bandish, Taksal, Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke, Daisy worked as a child artist in Ek Hi Raasta, Devta, Bhai-Bhai, Naya Daur, Bhabhi, Raj Tilak, Qaidi No. 911, Do Ustad, Dhool Ka Phool. She played the role of a boy in all these films. Then came a time when Daisy stopped getting roles as a child artist. Then she did teen age roles in films. Sharabi, Aarzoo, Aankhen, Talaash, Pehchaan, Kati Patang and Gomti Ke Kinare were the films in which she played supporting roles.

In 1971, Daisy married writer KK Shukla and moved away from films. But after her husband’s death in 1995, Daisy started working in films again. During this time, apart from many films, she also worked in many TV shows.

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