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Will Lavkesh Kataria’s journey end from the show? Viewers have given their verdict, know the result, TV News Ibomma

So far in Bigg Boss OTT 3, you must have seen that the housemates have come to know that Lovkesh Kataria is the one who is going to be out. Due to the fact that Lovkesh is going to be out, Bigg Boss directly eliminates him. But he also gives the audience a chance to vote whether they want to let Lovkesh stay in the show or want to throw him out. Now the voting results have come and know what is the decision of the audience.

Lavkesh is safe

According to the report of Bigg Boss Tak, a page that shares news related to Bigg Boss, Lovkesh has won. The audience has saved him. Lovkesh has thanked everyone who supported him for this.

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Lavkesh did not sleep the whole night

Let us tell you that in the last episode, we also saw that Bigg Boss made Lavkesh sit handcuffed in the garden area. Lavkesh then remained in the garden area for the whole day and night. However, during this time her friends Vishal Pandey and Sana Maqbool supported her completely. Not only this, Vishal lay down next to her in the garden area all night. Although he sleeps a little, Lavkesh could not sleep at all due to being handcuffed.

snake video

Recently, a video of Lovkesh from the garden area is also going viral on social media in which it is shown that a snake goes into the garden behind Lovkesh. After watching this video, fans raised questions about the security of the contestants. However, it is being said that this video has been edited.

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